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Welcome to HookersAmsterdam.com, the refugee portal for top Amsterdam escorts, for the most beautiful women and for fun in the Dutch capital.
Amsterdam is one of the biggest European destinations for sex tourists, and every day thousands of girls are chosen by their clients to have sex, both in the red light district, in clubs, and on the Internet. We founded HookersAmsterdam.com to bring together all the top Amsterdam escorts in one place and to provide the best sexual experience to all our customers, from those who only seek peaceful sex, to those who want a real girlfriend experience, to please even those who he wants more wild and particular sex. Our proposal aims to please everyone by proposing a catalog of girls of different ages, races, backgrounds and physical characteristics very different from each other, each with a character and individual talents. Our recruiting system is very selective and to enter our Top-class Amsterdam escort circuit it’s mandatory to face a rigorous selection for each girl, with an exam that observes the physical characteristics, the character, and the various attitudes. It is critical for us to offer a very high-quality standard for every girl we have entered in our agency, and we are always very interested in feedback from our customers. Our agency is still interested in hiring new girls and removing those that have not been very successful, so you only have the top escorts from all over Amsterdam at your service. Our girls are professionals, used to realize all the wishes of their customers, regardless of the type of request, our prices are transparent, and we adopt a policy of complete transparency, clearly indicating the physical characteristics of each Amsterdam escort and a description of the character. Customers are encouraged to contact the top class Amsterdam escort personally and agree with her all aspects of sexual performance.
Every girl is very different from the others, and not all of them do the same things. It is essential for us to diversify the offer and make every girl unique. If the customer wants a particular job, then he must necessarily look for that top class escort. Have a proposal of girls so varied and so talented is a great source of pride for us, and it is what makes HookersAmsterdam.com the reference site for quality escorts seeking the city of Amsterdam. To contact each girl you need to call her with the smartphone or with Whatsapp at the number indicated within each announcement, show up and plan the performance. We have a few rules that must be respected to have a professional relationship with every girl, here are the rules. Education: HookersAmsterdam.com requires polite and respectful behavior with girls, professional and that does not force the top class escort to do something not previously agreed or who has no interest in doing. The client must never oblige any girl to engage in sexual activities that she does not want to do and after receiving a negative answer.
Likewise, any type of violence is intolerable unless you have previously agreed upon it, possibly with a written statement in the case of BDSM sexual intercourse, also indicating a password to terminate sexual intercourse immediately. Any violence perpetrated on any escort will be immediately reported to the competent authorities, with criminal complaints and the customer will never be able to use the services of the top class Amsterdam escorts of HookersAmsterdam.com. Our girls have prices divided into time slots, also for particular sexual performances (anal, cumshots, BDSM, sex toys, etc.), it is necessary to speak with the escort to have her approval and know the extra price.

It is not allowed to negotiate on the price or ask for discounts if lower than 3 hours.

Cleaning: Our escorts ensure maximum personal cleanliness in every situation, and to ensure the highest level of hygiene is mandatory to take a shower before and after sexual intercourse. The girl must have free access to the bathroom and be able to use soap and detergent both before and after sex. Also, girls wear clean underwear and clean shoes, which they can wear during intercourse to excite the client. The shoes will be cleaned and sanitized before sex. After intercourse, it is necessary to take a shower and allow the top escort to have enough time to clean and disinfect. We have invested heavily in training girls and making them aware that proper cleaning is synonymous with quality and respect for the customer. In the case of cumshots on parts of the body (face, breasts, tummy, feet, etc.), the girl must immediately have moist wipes available to clean and then take a shower. In no case should the top class Amsterdam escort be forced to stay with the cum on the body or to spread it against her will.

Any abuse or negligence in the cleaning of the girls will be the reason for the interruption of any subsequent request from the customers.

Protection: Our girls are continuously monitored by a doctor and a gynecologist and perform blood tests periodically, and our policy allows all customers to be able to observe them before paying the escort.

Only healthy girls are hired by HookersAmsterdam.com

Our policy concerning protection from sexually transmitted diseases is stringent. A client who wishes to practice oral sex must provide recent analyzes that testify to the state of health, and the use of condoms is mandatory for every sexual activity performed by the girl, including oral sex. In no case, the sex is accepted, and the girl has the right to immediately interrupt the service in case of the insistence of the client, which will not be reimbursed.
Condoms can be taken by the girl or provided by the customer. Every girl has special needs and can appreciate a specific type of condom. If you want to use a condom of a particular brand or with specific characteristics, talk to the girl, who will direct you to the perfect condom for the occasion.

A condom for every sexual relationship, to be opened at the moment.

Payment: Payment must be made in advance and includes the number of hours the escort will stay with the client and any extra services previously agreed (anal, photo, cumshots, cosplay, etc.). You can not make any kind of discounts or try to negotiate the price with the girl. You can leave tips and pay other extra services in the hotel room, with payment in cash and in advance. It is not possible to improvise and do sexual activities that have not previously been agreed upon, even paying them later. These actions damage the relationship of trust with the client and allow HookersAmsterdam.com to interrupt any collaboration and give the escort the right to leave the room without losing the payment.

Our escorts take great care of their body and wear only clothes created by essential designers, elegant shoes and love to dine in luxury restaurants.

For this reason, we require good personal care and clothing suitable for the various occasions when the customer will meet the escort.
HookersAmsterdam.com offers three different services to give the client all the best possible experiences, the Amsterdam Restaurant Service, the Amsterdam City Tour, and the Amsterdam Hotel Service.
The Amsterdam Restaurant Service consists of a romantic dinner with the top Amsterdam escort chosen for the evening. Our high-class escorts are used to having dinner in the most prestigious restaurants in the city, with starred chefs and excellent food.
Each girl has her own preferences regarding the restaurants, which are indicated in the personal profile, but the escorts can be adapted to each customer’s desire, as long as they do not involve fast food or cheap pizza.
HookersAmsterdam.com escorts can wear all kinds of outfits for dinners, even clothes bought by the customer and do not wear underwear, as long as the dress is elegant but not vulgar and suitable for the context of the restaurant. The chosen girl expects elegant clothing, maximum education and a good conversation with each client, all in the name of mutual respect.

The Amsterdam City Tour consists of an afternoon or evening together with the escort chosen to visit a typical place in Amsterdam together or to accompany the client in a social event, such as a business meeting, a gala evening, the premiere of a theatrical opera, a sporting event, fairs, political events, family dinners, aperitifs, disco nights and much more.
Our girls can accompany customers in every event in a discreet way or actively participating in the conversation and showing her class and charisma.
The clothing will be both elegant and seductive, suitable for any context and will make every top class escort perfect. Also, in this case, you can wear clothes bought by the customer and do not wear panties if the situation allows it. The girl expects maximum respect and education in all circumstances. Every girl is available to visit all the places in Amsterdam and can reach every client by taxi. The Amsterdam Hotel Service is the HookersAmsterdam.com service that creates the perfect atmosphere for sex.
All our girls are used to having sex only in prestigious hotels, and they do not do anything on the street, in the car or in the private homes of the customers. The only way to have sex with them is to book a room in a hotel (every girl has her favorite hotel but can adapt to the client’s request) and have time to have sex in complete privacy throughout the night.
The girl can wear sexy lingerie, high heels, fishnet stockings, loincloths and all the erotic accessories you want to make real all the erotic fantasies of each client.

The privacy protection of every customer is sacred to us, and for this reason, the girls are trained to treat the appointment in the hotel with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. No one will ever find out what happened in the room and everything will happen in complete safety. The hotel room is the gateway to paradise for those who choose this service with the top class escorts of HookersAmsterdam.com.

In conclusion, why choose a top HookersAmsterdam.com escort?

Our girls are sensual, perfect, they are the result of a very long selection process to find only the best escorts from all over Holland, they love her job, they are able to give life to all the fantasies of the customers, and they are incredibly professional.
Choose the perfect escort for you, the one that tickles your instincts and creates all your fantasies with her. HookersAmsterdam.com is the best way to experience the excellent Amsterdam escort experience.