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Rachel is our elite escort, the one that is reserved for the best customers and the wealthiest people, who pay a much higher amount to have her services in absolute exclusive. Rachel has a charisma, a natural nobility that significantly influences her way of having sex. Rachel is never vulgar, does not use ugly words or vulgar expressions even at the height of pleasure and during orgasm, it is always sinuous and elegant, in a model of seduction in constant balance between the erotic and pornographic, between the naked artistic and explicit nude.
Rachel is an escort who only accepts one client at a time and who does not like to be put in a weak position. Her noble roots do not allow a man to have total control over her and her specialty is the cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl, where Rachel has complete control of the action and can decide the intensity of the penetration. The aspect of sex that attracts Rachel is excitement and domination. She has created a wall between her body and her soul and Rachel’s mind and her clients and only in a few moments Rachel allows the client to see her soul and her deepest secrets, finally abandoning herself to the moans of uncontrolled pleasure. Rachel is perfect for those seeking an elegant sexual relationship, not vulgar and discreet, an escort who behaves professionally and who knows how to handle her feelings and never loses control of the situation.
Rachel is not for everyone, but only for the Elite.


Rachel has a high-quality standard for restaurants, and only a few locals like the Haesje Claes Restaurant meet her requirements and are suitable for your romantic dinner.
Book a table and wear a suit and tie, while Rachel will wear jewelry and an exquisite and non-vulgar dress. You will talk about every topic, especially theater and love, the two great
passions of Rachel.
One evening with her will become the prelude to a night of love.


One of the services offered by Rachel is that of escort in every place of Amsterdam. Rachel, thanks to her culture, is perfect for opera evenings, for business meetings, for official presentations and for every type of social event. She loves to visit the Rijksmuseum and observe the masterpieces of Dutch painting and tell you anecdotes.
She is suitable for classy and very exclusive places.


Rachel appreciates the comfort and modernity of the Hotel Casa Amsterdam, and if you want to have sex with her the best thing is to book a room in the Hotel, and she will knock at your door at the scheduled time.
Rachel ensures maximum punctuality, the outfit you want (she loves shoes with a stiletto heel) and the utmost professionalism. In return, she demands respect, maximum cleanliness, the use of condoms and establish in advance the services, in addition to the advance payment.
If you accept her conditions, then book the room immediately, and she will arrive!