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Lauren has brought her work experience in the escort industry, creating an entirely unique and unrepeatable proposal. Lauren has worked for many years in one of the most famous massage centers in Amsterdam, and has brought her experience and love for the oriental massage techniques within the work, creating what can be called the “sex massage.””
Lauren is not only available to make love but can also be a perfect masseuse to erase stress from a person’s body and mind. You can massage with oil, with various natural ointments, with her body rubbing the body, the breast and the ass on the client’s body to excite it and also massaging the glans in a very delicate way with the hands or the tongue.
But Lauren is genuinely exceptional when she engages in the Lingam massage, which consists in naturally stimulating the most erogenous areas of the man, and then ending it all with a handjob and with the final orgasm.
The purpose of the massage is to free all the sexual energy that is repressed because of modern society and to prepare the client for a subsequent sexual relationship.
Lauren is therefore perfect for those looking for sex or for those looking for something really very different, it is a double offer, and for this reason utterly unique and unmissable.


Lauren also offers a dating service at a restaurant in Amsterdam just for you. Lauren loves only a few restaurants in the Dutch capital, and her favorite is without a doubt the Sherpa Restaurant, which offers a Nepalese cuisine perfect for the oriental passions of the escort masseuse.
You will taste the taste of oriental dishes, new and special flavors, and all this with Lauren’s company.


Lauren loves walking around the city of Amsterdam and can be your companion for everything from business meetings to parties, to film premieres and rock concerts.
She can indeed accompany you everywhere, such as at the Bloemenmarkt and choose with you the best flowers of the moment to create the perfect atmosphere for massages.


Do you want to have sex with Lauren or are you eager to try one of her Lingam massages?
To do these things you just have to book a room in a prestigious hotel like The Bedstee Boutique Capsule Hotel, where you can have the privacy to do what you want all night.
Lauren can be naked during massages or wear any type of dress and footwear, or she can wear the clothes that you will buy only for her.
Maximum sex and the use of condoms are necessary for sex, and Lauren has an extraordinary way of positioning them.
Are you curious to know it? Book your suite now, and you will know it!