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Catalina is an escort who loves playing, life and trying new things. Of all our girls she is definitely the best escort specializing in the strangest and most extreme sexual activities. The philosophy of life of Catalina is to never say no to any customer and try to satisfy every request, even the strangest or perverse with the maximum smile, with involvement, creativity, complicity, and professionalism. For example, you can burn a candle and melt the wax on Catalina’s ass, which will smile and love the warm feeling that the wax can give, or you can use the cream to make the oral sex more exciting, putting it on the penis or nipples of Catalina.
Also, Catalina is very creative, and just give her just a little track or an idea to have an excellent proposal for erotic games throughout the night. With a rope, she can tie you to the bed and dominate you, or she can be tied up like a prisoner of war and be defenseless while having sex with her. Her bag of tricks is always up to date and can carry dildos, masks, boots, sexy outfits and handcuffs with her for an unforgettable evening. Catalina is a real force of nature that combines creativity, commitment, love and passion, money can buy her body, and Catalina will give her soul for you all night.


This 24-year-old girl loves to eat in upscale restaurants such as Amsterdam’s E atmosphere restaurant. Book a private table for Catalina, and she will wear the outfit you require to get excited and if you want she will not wear her panties. Catalina can talk politics, sports, sex, and economics, she is a graduate, and she knows English and Dutch perfectly at mother tongue level and can be a perfect conversation partner.


Walk to Amsterdam with Catalina and visit the Anne Frank House with her. Catalina will amaze you with her sensitivity and in-depth knowledge of the city, she is like a tour guide.
Catalina likes to use a light makeup that highlights her face and her sincere and happy smile.


Meet Catalina in the privacy of Hotel Teleport in Amsterdam and book a room to have sex with her all night. Book a taxi and Catalina will reach you at the time you want in complete privacy. Maximum hygiene, you will have to agree on the girl’s performances first, and the use of the condom is mandatory. Catalina will amaze you, and in the bedroom, you will have the best sex experience of your life.
It is not allowed to force the girls to do something not agreed and film them without her consent. Any violation will be prosecuted according to law.