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Luana Brunette Girl Amsterdam


Luana is one of our Top Escorts, which is appreciated by many customers from all over Amsterdam and the other cities of Holland. Luana is a pearl of beauty, with white and delicate skin and long black hair, which loves making love in a very physical way and with high intensity.
Luana puts her body at the disposal of all customers without any limit and loves a lot in physical contact, kisses, hugs, caresses, and involvement with a little pain, such as squeezing her tits or nipples during the position of the cowgirl, or with slaps in the ass during the doggy style.
Luana appreciates the manly and determined man, who likes to dominate the girls and subdue them with his power, who pulls his hair lightly during sex, which pushes his dick in the mouth and uses his body to dominate in the bed.
Luana is ready to face every challenge and every tendency of the client and can be both a victim and a perpetrator in the great game of love, slapping the man who does not commit and motivating him to push more and more to reach together the orgasm best in the world.
Luana is a very professional escort and able to adapt in the best way to all situations and customer needs, both the most classic and the strangest and most unique, which provide objects or extraordinary physical contact.


You can meet Luana in a romantic dinner in the beautiful location of the restaurant Le Garde-manger, where you can spend perfect, unique and unrepeatable moments with the beauty of Luana and perfect food.
Luana loves an elegant and very polite man, shaved and who speak in a precise way, with high culture.
If you have all these requirements, you will have a perfect dinner with the beautiful Luana.


If you want to spend a different day than usual, you can visit the most famous places in Amsterdam, such as the Rembrandtplein, one of the city’s main squares, the center of nightlife and gossip, and if you show up with Luana you will be the king of gossip for a very long time time.
She will wear her best outfit just for you, and you can purchase a particular dress for Luana, to fulfill your secret dreams with a walking goddess.


If you want to have sex with Luana, you have to make sure you offer only the best you have available, and you can book a room in the famous Vondel hotel and have Luana arrive at the time you prefer with a taxi.
Luana will arrive beautiful and ready to spend a night of love with you, with the utmost cleanliness and hygiene that she deserves.
Luana uses only condoms, and loves those with fruit, possibly with the Green Apple flavor, to give a more particular taste to all sex with her.