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Iren Escort Amsterdam

Iren Blonde Amsterdam Escort


Iren is an escort who has a double life and manages to manage both her business in an exemplary way.
During the day she works as a personal trainer, she is a great fitness enthusiast and loves to work out in the gym to have her incredible body, with sculpted abs, a tonic ass and nice legs, while at night Iren transforms and becomes an exceptional escort, a car by sex, a girl who can adapt to every customer request and show a genuinely extraordinary energy.
Iren has trained a lot his cardio to be always tireless and never sweat under any circumstances and to have the energy of a nuclear power plant inside the bed.
In fact, Iren makes love with the maximum energy, involving the partner in erotic games, with intensity, with respect and with the desire to drive him crazy. Iren is a fire that devours everything found on her path and when she is in bed for her sex becomes just another workout, to be overcome in the best way and with the best physical form.
Iren is the perfect escort for people who are not just looking for a banal sexual relationship, but for those who want to find their own physical and mental limit, because Iren is a girl who loves raising the bar every single night.


Iren is a fitness fanatic, and follows a rigorous diet, with very few exceptions to her rules, but she will be happy to make an exception for you for dinner in a restaurant that respects her high-quality standards, such as the famous Vinkeles restaurant for the excellent quality cuisine and for the luxurious environment.
Iren will show her body with a seductive and elegant outfit and will be able to talk with you about every subject.


Visit the Dutch capital with Iren and take it with you to visit the Artis Zoological Park, where you can admire beautiful animals from all over the world. Iren loves nature, and in this way, you will make her very happy, and she will thank you in your bedroom.
Iren is also perfect for any sporting event, she loves fitness, football, basketball, and MMA events, so she can be your vision partner of a mixed martial arts PPV.


To make love with Iren the best way is to have a bomb-proof hotel room! Iren is a time bomb that you will introduce into your life when you call it in the room you booked at the Hotel Lloyd in Amsterdam.
She will wear her high heels, her sexy thong and she will start a very long sex marathon with you.
Maximum privacy and hygiene, a shower is required and the use of the condom for the health of both.