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Ginger is one of the escorts who has been working with us for a long time and that customers appreciate most. In this case, we can really say “nomen omen,” that the name of a person entirely defines the character, because Ginger is really a hot girl, spicy, who every day invents new positions and ways to excite customers.
One of his latest inventions was to use spices in oral sex, sprinkling the client’s penis with curry or chili and doing the same thing with her pussy, involving the client in a spicy game, really setting the fire in sex, and this is just one of the thousand sexual tricks Ginger can do to excite a client and make him cum exaggerated.
Ginger is famous for using food as a way to excite, with her renowned blowjob with honey, cream, chocolate, and ice cream, and then use spices and other ingredients to provoke a person.
Ginger is very creative, is always a step ahead of everyone, professional, naughty and exciting, a real electric current that is ready to shock every man.
Ginger is perfect for those who love wild and unruly nights, for those who always like to transgress.


Ginger loves luxury restaurants, where he can wear elegant clothes, luxury shoes, and jewelry. A restaurant like Jacketz is the perfect setting for an evening with a beauty like Ginger, and you will love eating excellent food with such a beautiful woman. Everyone will envy you and imagine what you do in bed, but they can not have her fantasy.


Ginger can accompany you on any social occasion, for business meetings, to entertain your guests or just to spend an afternoon in Amsterdam, visiting the Heineken Experience and spending a relaxing and enjoyable day.
Ginger can wear every outfit you require, as long as it is suitable for the context, but she can wear a dress and no underwear in any situation. Imagine how exciting it can be to go to an important business meeting with Ginger and know that underneath the elegant dress has nothing and that can show her pussy crossing her legs .. you’re already excited, right?


The best way to have sex with Ginger without limits is to book a hotel room. She does not like having sex in a car or a trivial place, she loves the luxury and comfort of prestigious hotels like the Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam, where she can wash with you, hug you and use her spices to get the best oral sex in your life.
You have to deal with Ginger for all the aspects of the performance with Ginger before booking the service and bring a condom with you.
Do not worry, Ginger will surprise you with something never seen before!